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21 August 2012 @ 05:20 pm
First post in Years -- Anger!!  
There are so many things wrong with Todd Akin that I'm not sure I know where to even start... so I'll start here.

Let's go ahead and assume the term "legitimate rape" was supposed to be forceful, as to distinguish it from "statutory rape". So let's just be nice and take that leap. Even though this question has been asked of all pro-life candidates since 1970s.

The next statement incurred the belief that women somehow have the ability to emit anti-sperm space ships (I assume looking much like the ones in the Family Guy episode in which the Stewy sperm shoots down all the others) in order to protect themselves from an unwanted pregnancy after an unwanted (excuse me, legitimate) rape. Now, I'm not a doctor... so I decided to look it up to see if that was true. Much to my surprise, women do not, in fact, emit anti-sperm ships in order to defend themselves from legitimate rape sperm. I was sadly shocked and dismayed, because that did kind of sound awesome.

But because Mr. Akin's, for whatever reason, believes this, the conclusion then is that any woman who becomes pregnant must have wanted the sex, and therefore could not have been raped. Because apparently, in Mr. Akin's strange world of science (who actually is on the "Committee on SCIENCE, Space and Technology"), rape doesn't cause one to become pregnant. Only consensual sex does. So the pregnancy is all the evidence we need to determine if rape happened or not. It's THAT easy!

That being said, such shameful, ignorant and "biologically stupid" (thanks Reince Priebus!) things probably costed the Republicans the majority in the Senate. But as much as I think Senator McCaskill is ignorant, shrill and generally uninteresting and unproductive, after the last few days, I'm really not sure the Republicans deserve to have the majority if that is the kind of candidates they feel are appropriate to field.

The Republicans have had a bad reputation of being anti-woman only a few decades after they gave them the right to vote (rude, no?). And instances like this don't help any. Because really, had Mr. Akin simply said "I don't believe in abortions even if someone had been forcibly raped and my biology skills aren't quite up to par, but I'm pretty sure a woman has a less chance of getting preggers if it was raped", I don't think it would have been as big of a deal, even though all of that is pretty crazy and exactly what he said.

Which is part of the cusp of the GOP's problem with women. You have old men like Akin, who don't know what being pregnant means, don't know what it's like to get raped, and don't know what it's like to be raped, become pregnant from said rape, and then being told the law says if you terminate the pregnancy YOU are a criminal, making laws that regard BOTH of those things.

Let us hope this is an eye-opening account to Republicans, many of whom believe and fight for women to have to carry a baby as the product of rape to term, and told it's criminal to do otherrwise, that forcing a woman to do that is, essentially having to face the rape again, every day, for 9 months.

I think we can all certainly agree abortion is a terrible thing. But so is being raped. I think it in our best interests to do all we can to curb the cycle of sexual violence, to allow all things which deter abortions, and also live with some compassion for victims of terrible things and perhaps allow them to have some say in what they want, rather than have a domineering presence forcing them to do yet another thing they didn't consent to.