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the journey of the human skeleton

you say you've got a bone to pick, well, there's plenty showin' on me

this is my life and freedom's my profession
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I am The Great Xandrino! - Slayer of Unicorns, Smiter of Emo Kids, Hero of teh n3rds, Fancy of the Goths, Wearer of Blackness and Nifty Hats!


16 horsepower, 3d glasses, amphibians, april march, ari fleischer, austin lounge lizards, bauhaus, beck, benjamin biolay, billy childish, bob forrest, boingo, broken english, calexico, camper van beethoven, cemeteries, command & conquer, community radio, computers, cornelius, cowboy bebop, cromafactor, daggers, danny elfman, dave alvin, dead can dance, dead man, deltron 3030, dennis kucinich, destroying portland maine, dj bazooka joe, dominique a, don hertzfeld, dorks, down by law, elvis costello, eyeliner, fishing with john, flogging molly, fog, french music, fringe deities, gary numan, geeks, goggles, gogol bordello, goldfrapp, goth stuffs, halloween, harold and maude, helpless romantics, hidden tracks on cds, hijacking jukeboxes, hudson wayne, invader zim, jason webley, jean-pierre jeunet, jim jarmusch, john avila, john lurie, john wayne army, johnny cash, junior brown, katerine, kcsb, knives, la tordue, les claypool, live music, loudon wainwright iii, louise attaque, monty python, moonlight walks, movies, neko case, nerds, nick cave, ninja tune, oingo boingo, pedestrian wolves, penguins, pete and pete, photography, pirates, pizzicato 5, poetry, portishead, portland, primus, projekt records, radiohead, rain, rasputina, ray bradbury, records, red elvises, reese witherspoon's bulbous forehead, richard cheese, riders in the sky, robert earl keen, roses, rubber duckies, ruth gordon, sarah vowell, sci-fi, sea food, seafood, sluggo, snake river conspiracy, snapple pie, soviet propaganda, space ghost, stanely kubrick, star gazing, steve earle, talking heads, terry gilliam, the aquabats!, the beatles, the bicycle thief, the birthday party, the buff medways, the dresden dolls, the great xandrino, the monks, the mummies, the ophelias, the red elvises, the v-roys, thee headcoats, thee mighty caesers, they might be giants, those legendary shack shakers, tim burton, todd snider, tom waits, tom ze, tones on tail, trailer bride, turntables, ultravox!, vinyl, voltaire, warren zevon, weebl and bob, weezer, wesley willis, where's poppa?, writing